Artist Statement

Robert has been an artist since the age of five years old when he first started drawing cars, trucks, robots, dogs and anything else he could think of. Growing up in a single parent household, Robert's mother never tried to discourage him from developing his talent or pursuing his dream of becoming a real life artist. About his experience growing up as an artist, Robert stated 'I love being an artist and Shopify is allowing me to live my dream by posting my artwork online. Growing up as a child I remember being fascinated by the early morning light streaming through my bedroom window and the mosaics it created across the walls and ceiling. As I watched in amazement my bedroom was transformed into startling abstract shapes of light and shadow'. He also stated, 'my art and style is always evolving. The work you see here are my latest creations in the process of executing more expressionistic art'. Basically a self-taught artist, Robert attended Arkansas State University in Jonesboro, Arkansas and majored in Commercial Art. Robert received his BS degree in 1976. The training that he received at 'A-State' was invaluable to him in terms of developing his own individual style and learning more about art techniques, mediums and influential artists themselves. Robert's style can mostly be described as realistic with a strong emphasis on design, composition, color and light and shadow. Robert's graphic arts training is very evident in the work that he creates. Because of graphic arts programs like Photo Shop and Adobe Illustrator another medium has opened up for Robert to experiment and create stunning digital art designs. Several of Robert's digital art creations are present in his portfolio on the website. Robert lives in Forrest City, Arkansas and he is married with two adult children. Robert just retired from an eighteen year job working for the State of Arkansas.